An unplugged wedding ceremony

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Why you should have an unplugged wedding ceremony

Have you ever been to a wedding where everyone is glued to their phone? You can’t help but notice that many guests are on their phones, not paying attention to the vows or first dance. That is why some couples are choosing to have unplugged weddings. Unplugged weddings prevents guests from using their phones or other devices to take photos and videos during the ceremony.

This isn’t just about having an old-fashioned wedding – it’s about creating a new kind of experience for your guests. An experience that encourages them to be present in that moment and truly soak up the beauty of your special day.

Thinking about opting for such a celebration but not quite convinced yet? Here are a few reasons that an unplugged wedding ceremony is the best way to go:

No one will be distracted by their phones

We all know how distracting phone notifications can be, especially during an event! With an unplugged wedding ceremony, there’s no need for anyone to worry about missing out on anything important. Without any distractions from their cell phones or other devices during the ceremonial act itself, distraction is prevented.

By allowing guests to enjoy the moment, you'll make your wedding more intimate and special for everyone

It’s also a way to ensure that no one posts about it before you’re ready – which is especially important if you’re having a destination wedding or other event that you don’t want spoiled.

The photos will be better

Your photographers and videographers will be able to capture more candid moments of genuine joy and romance – moments that are often missed when people are glued to their phones. Guests can sometimes impact photographers’ work by getting in their way, so this is a great way to ensure that everyone gets the best possible shot.

It's more intimate and relaxed

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a beautiful moment with your partner, only for someone to whip out their phone and take a selfie. An unplugged wedding ceremony ensures that everyone stays focused on what’s really important – you!

It gives you the opportunity to truly take it all in

With so many distractions at weddings these days, it can be difficult to remember everything that happened during your big day. An unplugged wedding ceremony will allow you to focus entirely on each other and your vows without any outside influences getting in the way.

You'll remember it better

The phone can not only distract you from one another but also make it difficult to focus on your surroundings. You and your partner will enjoy every joyful detail of this special day by being present in the moment together!

Plus, when you get home from your honeymoon and are looking back at photos from that day, they will mean so much more to both of you if you can remember every detail.

If you’re planning an unplugged wedding ceremony, make sure you tell your guests ahead of time.

We hope this post has given you some insight into why having unplugged cell phones is a great option, and we hope you’ll consider hosting such a ceremony yourself!

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